MWR-641P Mining Wire Rope

Mining Industry demands the best in class wire rope, which can perform under one of the most adverse working conditions in the world.

LKS, an Industry leader in mining wire rope segment, provides  ropes with excellent breaking load capacity and higher resistance to fatigue, wear, and abrasion helping users to achieve reduced downtime, longer life, and low maintenance cost.

LKS Mining ropes find applications in the multiple areas including

  • Surface Mining
  1. Dragline: Hoist rope, Drag rope, Dump rope, Pendant rope
  2. Shovel: Hoist rope, Crowd rope/Retract rope, Trip rope, Pendant rope
  • Under Ground Mining
  1. Winder: Hoist rope, Balance rope, Guide rope
  2. Chair lift/ Man riding haulage rope
  3. Haulage/Scrapper rope
  • Aerial transportation rope
  • Cable belt conveyor rope
MWR-641P Mining Wire Rope


  • Plastic injected for increase fatigue resistance.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Increased resistance against multilayer drum crushing.
  • Better corrosion resistance.
  • Rope diameter: 42mm to 70mm.

A wire rope for high cycle applications, Cushion 6 offers:

  • Proven 6×26/36 IWRC rope that is specially designed for plastic enhancement, providing an excellent performance/strength combination
  • Exclusive plastic enhancement process that maximizes impregnation that cushions and separates the rope strands from the steel core, which in turn creates a more balanced rope.
  • This results in evenly distributed stress, so inter-strand nicking is virtually eliminated, and results in improved performance and better resistance to shock loading
  • Full plastic enhancement that significantly reduces stretch and minimizes drum crushing. This improves performance and reduces downtime
  • Full rope cushioning that minimizes moisture and contaminant penetration, which reduces internal abrasion and corrosion
  • A completely round outer rope profile that maximizes the contact area between the rope and the equipment. This enhances rope wear resistance and significantly reduces sheave and drum wear
1/2″6×1911.7 T0.45 lb/ftWRC6-008
5/8″6×1918.6 T0.72 lb/ftWRC6-010
3/4″6×3126.3 T1.02 lb/ftWRC6-012
7/8″6×3136.4 T1.41 lb/ftWRC6-014

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